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The results of lavender EOs inhibition activity towards M. Adding ethanol and methanol to the crude distilled product had a relative to significant effect on the inhibitory activity. To our knowledge and for the first time, the antibacterial activity of lavender essential oils against M. Chemical and reagents - Lavender and rosemary essential oils were diluted in ethanol and laurel essential oils were diluted in ethanol for GC-MS analysis. Ethanol and methanol of HPLC grade were used for dilution, chromatography and antibacterial analysis.

Essential oils - The following lavender, rosemary and laurel oils, a gift the Azul Lavanda, S. All lavender, rosemary and laurel oils were obtained by steam distillation temperature: o C, pressure: 5 PSI, distillation time: 3 h of the fresh material of the respective plant species and the essential oils were stored in the dark. The lavender plants were grown under natural conditions as a field site in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Pdf Lavender The Genus Lavandula Medicinal And Aromatic Plants Industrial Profiles Volume 29 2002

The site was located at approximately According to recommendations, individual plants were spaced 1 m apart, watered every 15 days for 8 to 12 h drip irrigation and no fertilised agent was used. The ionisation mode was electronic impact at 70eV in positive mode and the signal acquisition was the scan mode from 40 to The chromatographs can be found in supplementary information chromatograph 1a to 1e.

Identification of essential oil components - Essential oil components were identified by comparison of their mass spectral fragmentation pattern with NIST mass spectral library database [30] and based on their Van Den Dool retention indices determined with reference to a homologous series of normal alkanes, C7-C40, and compared with the ones reported in literature [31, 32]. As expected, there are still some compounds that could not be identified because of their low signal-to-noise ratios or limitation of the mass spectral database.

Relative area of each essential oil component was carried out by a peak area normalization measurement total ion current [31, 32]. After inoculums absorption by agar, sterile discs of Whatman No. A control was used for each case by not exposing the bacteria to any distilled product. Discs were deposited at equal distance on the surface of the agar. The Petri dishes were left at room temperature for 5 min before incubation to ensure a good diffusion of the distilled product in the agar.

Lavender Oils Book and Info | Lavandula | Essential Oil

The activity of essential oils was considered to be positive when inhibitory action of the bacteria was observed and negative when it was not. After the incubation period, the diameters of the inhibition zones were measured in millimetres. Chromatographs 1a to 1e can be found in the supplementary data as well as the anti-bacteria tests. Candan, F. Karakaya, S. Molinos, A. Food Chem. Peana, A. Peana, T. Pharmacological activities and applications of Salvia scalarea and Salvia desoleana essential oils. Series Studies in Natural product Chemistry.

Tzakou, O. Planta Med. Rasooli, I. Food , 1 , Legentil, L. Kaikabo, A. Bombarda, I.

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Acta , , Won, M. Any true lavender will have the botanical name of lavandula as the prefix. There are up to 50 different species, including lavandula officinalis and lavandula vera, yet they will all be simply lavender. The reason the true lavandula angustifolia genus is so popular is due to the low rate of camphor, less than one percent, it retains after distillation. This lends the essential oil a strong floral aroma, but it also makes it quite effective in aromatherapy usage, especially in accelerating the healing of minor burns.

Due to its hybrid nature, lavandin has a variety of forms: in general it is a larger plant than true lavender, with woody stems. Its flowers may be blue like true lavender, or grayish like aspic. The scent of lavandin is also sharper and more penetrating.

source While the plant grows in parts of Eastern Europe, Hungary, and Spain, cultivation is mainly in France. The bright purple-blue flowers commonly found in true lavender are often a grayer hue in the spike variety.

The essential oil is very penetrating, more herbal than floral, and retains a higher concentration of camphor than true lavender. Linalol is an active component of Lavender that contains therapeutic benefits. Finding High Quality Lavender: The most important things to look for on any glass bottle of lavender essential oil will be four categories.

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Naturally, you would expect to see Lavender on the label. If in search of true lavender it would be Lavandula angustifolia. What part of the plant has the essential oil been extracted from? For lavender, that is the flowering tops. Method of extraction.

Is it an absolute, enfleurage, carbon dioxide CO2 , or has it been steam distilled?

While lavender can be found in CO2 form as its the most expensive, or as an absolute, the most common type is steam distilled. Country of Origin. As noted, lavender comes from many different countries. Public inputs and costly education provide strong MyNAP primary, but we are considerably a legal base from its small lack.

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