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  • Stochastic Modeling in Life Sciences.
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Mathematics and Life Sciences

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Mathematics for the Life Sciences

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About this course As modern life science research becomes ever more quantitative, the need for mathematical modeling becomes ever more important. The presence of noise at every stage of neural processing imposes serious limitation on the coding strategies of these networks.

Homepage — Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division

In particular, coding information via spike timings, which presumably achieves the highest information transmission rate, requires neural assemblies to exhibit high level of synchrony. Thibaud Taillefumier and collaborators are interested in understanding how synchronous activity emerges in modeled populations of spiking neurons, focusing on the interplay between driving inputs and network structure.

Their approach relies on methods from Markov chain, point processes, and diffusion processes theories, in combination with exact event-driven simulation techniques. Stochastic Modeling in Life Sciences. Mathematical problems in neuroscience Recent advances in neuroscience provide theoretical neuroscientists with a vast wealth of new data and open questions related to information theory, high-dimensional geometry of representation and computation, and dynamics in the brain.

Optimization of DNA sequencing High throughput DNA sequencing technology has greatly increased the speed and reduced the cost of genome sequencing.

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Synchrony in stochastic spiking neural networks Neural systems propagate information via neuronal networks that transform sensory input into distributed spiking patterns, and dynamically process these patterns to generate behaviorally relevant responses. Thibaud Taillefumier. Department of Mathematics and Department of Neuroscience taillef math. Ila Fiete.

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