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The retina is the part of your eye that detects light and color, sending that information to your brain via the optic nerve. Coats disease typically only affects one eye. However, in rare cases, it can affect both eyes. The cause of this condition is currently unknown.

Retinoblastoma is a rare type of eye cancer that starts on your retina.

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Genetic mutations in the retina cause retinoblastoma. Although retinoblastoma can occur in adults, it more commonly affects children. It can affect just one eye or both eyes. People with retinoblastoma may notice a white-colored circle in the pupil, particularly when light is shined into the eye. SCC is a type of skin cancer. It can also affect your conjunctiva. People with this type of cancer may notice a white growth on the surface of their eye. SCC often only affects one eye. How can you know what could be causing the white spot on your eye?

Check your symptoms with the table below. Some of the possible treatment options include:. Lubricating eye drops can help to reduce irritation or the feeling like something is stuck in your eye.

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In some cases, eye drops may contain steroids that help with inflammation. These medications help fight infections caused by microbes, such as those observed in corneal ulcers. Medications can include:.

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Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to help treat a condition. It can be used to kill cancer cells in retinoblastoma and SCC as well as to destroy abnormal blood vessels in Coats disease. Lasers can be used for the treatment of retinoblastoma. They work by destroying the blood vessels supplying a tumor.

White spot on the nipple | Australian Breastfeeding Association

They can also be used to either shrink or destroy the abnormal blood vessels observed in Coats disease. If you have a condition like retinoblastoma or SCC, your doctor may recommend treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. They can evaluate your condition and help determine what may be causing it. Depending on the cause of your white spot, they may refer you to an ophthalmologist. This is a type of eye doctor that can perform surgeries and treat more serious eye conditions.


There are many conditions that can cause a white spot to appear on your eye. While some may be less serious, others, such as corneal ulcers, are an emergency.

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They may also carry out a slit lamp exam. To do this test, the ophthalmologist or optometrist drops a dye called fluorescein onto the eye, which they will examine using a special microscope. If the eye doctor suspects an infection, they may take a tiny amount of tissue for analysis. This is called a biopsy or culture. Doctors can also identify pingueculas by examining the eye or using fluorescein. This will usually be enough, but a doctor may request a biopsy if they are unsure.

A person should not wear contact lenses during treatment and recovery, even if they are not the cause of the corneal ulcer. Eyedrops are one of the most common treatments for corneal ulcers. The best type of eye drop to use depends on the causes. The range of eye drops includes:. Once an infection has cleared up, people may use steroid eye drops to treat any scarring that has formed. Steroids can make things worse if used before an infection clears up, however.

If the damage to the cornea is severe, doctors may replace part or all of the cornea with a new donor cornea. If a pinguecula affects a person's vision or causes severe discomfort, they may require surgery to remove them. Laser treatment is becoming more common. The treatments for eye cancers depend on the type and stage of the tumor. Treatment methods include:.

The best way to prevent white spots developing on the eyes involves looking after the eyes. The following steps can all help to protect eye health:. If someone has a cold sore , they should avoid touching their eyes. People who wear contact lenses should always follow the guidelines for use. It is essential to clean the lenses with the correct solution, remove them regularly, and replace them if they are damaged or ill-fitting.

The outlook for white spots on the eye can vary greatly. It is most likely that a white spot is a short-term condition. In terms of treatment, the outcomes after diagnosis are excellent. White spots on the eye tend to be easily treatable. An early diagnosis will help to limit the impact. It is essential, therefore, to speak to a doctor if there are any signs of white spots on the eye. Good hygiene practices are always recommended and will help prevent a lot of eye issues.

Take care to protect eyes against the sun, particles in the air, and bacteria. Article last reviewed by Fri 12 October All references are available in the References tab. Boyd, K. Pinguecula and pterygium surfer's eye treatment.

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